Saturday, August 02, 2014

Pondering the Swiftness or Slowness of Time More Than Halfway Through 2014

August 1, 2014

It’s been noticed before, but TIME does fly.
When I checked my last entry in this space, the date for it said May 31, 20014.
I soon deduced the typo, instead of an unnoticed passage of  what?, a hundred years?  a thousand years?
Well, I ran out of fingers to calculate the exact number and gave up.
Not adding anything here for more than two months (what?, one day more? Two?) shocks my nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic, at least until I ponder the wonders of retirement where only those beastly honey do demands make me to jump and fetch.
I do know the rules.
Anyway, to revisit those June and July days I scanned through the 2014 photos stored on a My Passport external hard drive.
I made six photo excursions in June, three of which pursued backyard bees, birds and blooms.
I added several photo galleries to the site during June.

This limited activity reminds me that Dr. David Yam with his surgical team fixed my back on June 2, and I  sipped under five-pound Shirley Temple (that’s an image from the Jurassic age) mint juleps in the shade for weeks.
Finally, Nora the Schnauzer and I took a long-awaited short walk with brace along Mill Creek on June 30. Nora romped and bounded, with blurred flashing  legs and wild flopping ears.
I conducted myself in a sedate, dignified fashion.

                                            Mill Creek Herons with differing white balance settings  

In July, I stored the results of 15 dog-walking/photo excursions with Nora, including one back-yard effort, two trips for short hikes near Tollgate and one three-mile stroll on the South Fork Walla Walla River Trail.
All the other results came from along Mill Creek, at Rooks Park or from trails near Bennington Lake.

Backlit Heron with an Itch  

                                                        Adult Night Heron 

                                                         Juvenile Night Herons

Pileated Woodpeckers at Rooks Park

                                   South Fork WW River Trail Blooms, Bees and B Flies

Summit Road Blooms, Moth and Bees

Nora and I also walked to and around Pioneer and Wild Wood parks and downtown without a camera in the coolness before breakfast.
We left at close to 5 a.m. on 23 mornings and totaled 63.36 miles. Our longest jaunt along Mill Creek to Bennington Lake was 4.54 miles. According to my Garmin GPS we averaged 2.75-plus miles a day.
After a nearly three-month layoff, it took awhile for my legs to shape up. My back, however, plugged along just fine in July, probably because I  carefully followed the cautions: no sitting longer than 45 minutes, no bending or twisting, no working overhead and no lifting more than five pounds.
And I took care to wean from the brace and the increase rest of the cautions slowly.
I’m still careful about bending and lifting, and I walk slow, as always, and I feel significantly closer to normal than I did in the first three months of 2014.
On the one hand, those months could have taken place years ago, meaning that time passes with the swiftness of a swooping swallow.
Or what?
Does it mean time stalls with the stillness of a stalking Heron.
I guess it depends. Time will tell.  
                            Deer Wading Mill Creek in the Early Morning Sunshine

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