Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 19, 2013

Walking with Nora at Mill Creek/Bennington Lake, Again

So, this is a chilly and very wet Wednesday in Walla Walla. Darlene rattles pots and pans in the kitchen while she bakes a cake for the Animal Clinic that took care of Nora during her recent illness. Nora, drooling for some tidbit of food to hit the floor, has been clinging to Darlene. Nora, BTW, appears to have completely recovered from a two-week illness caused from gorging herself on Mormon crickets gobbled on our seven-hour hike into the Juniper Dunes on May 22.
So, with the rain and the cake's distraction of Darlene and Nora, I'm continuing to tap out some of the excursions we took in May.

I will focus this entry on a May 21st walk with Nora around Bennington Lake. As usual I took a bunch of photos and I will add a few here. Many of the others may be seen at
Clouds protected us from the sun's heat. I prefer a cloudy day for photos. Those bright sunny days create stark contrasts that I find difficult to deal with when snapping the usual opportune images that occur when walking with Nora.

Anyway, in addition to images of fellow strollers, I ended up recording images of wild rose blossoms, red hounds tongue buds, dried teasel pods, trees silhouetted against the clouds, rotted logs with unusual formations, a great blue heron that launched from the lake, a red-winged blackbird on a twig, one fly close-up and several deer in the grass or in the teasel fields.
The walk, which followed Mill Creek and circled the lake, took nearly four hours and it was worth every minute.

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