Saturday, March 10, 2012

In the Gorge

March 10, 2012

Not Back Yet from yesterday…
An interlude:
Today we drove more than halfway to the Oregon Coast and will spend the night at LaQuinta in Vancouver.
We drove on Washington State Route 14 rather than the Interstate on the Oregon side of the Columbia River.
We consider it more scenic. We prefer the trip rather than hustling to reach a destination.
Also, tomorrow we will take Oregon 26 to Seaside/Cannon Beach for a leisurely 70-mile meander down Highway 101 to Newport. The fly in that plan: apparently the weather will be wet and windy. Call it stormy, OK?
As far as scenery today goes: Satisfactory.
We stopped near a pond (actually on Highway 730, en route to 14) and saw two dozen trumpeter swans. We stopped an average of every 50 miles so Nora the Schnauzer could smell the dog droppings, etc. A large portion of the drive (The Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area) remains free of wind turbines and visible power towers….

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